International repatriation

Aizz offers International Funeral Shipping (Repatriation) services in a professional and prompt manner with lot of care, dignity and respect to the family members of the deceased.

Our vision is to help you at the hard moment of losing a loved one, taking care in all the process for a deceased repatriation. We understand what a difficult time it is when a friend or relative dies while abroad. That is why we aim to take all of the red tape and difficulty away from you.

  • We always listen for your needs for a first, and offer lowest price solution according your real needs only;
  • We prefer to make every process simple, convenient to you and at the low cost.
  • We have knowledge of majority of Consulates / Embassies requirements relating to documentation.
  • We arrange documentation for the procedure through customs clearance, charter and schedule flight bookings for the deceased to return to home as soon as possible
  • We care for the relatives and next of kin and can arrange for a counselor to visit them if necessary. We can arrive on business and even non-business hours according your request (London and the surrounding areas, other areas may be charged additionally).
  • All the services are done efficiently with dignity and respect.
  • We feel socially responsible and wish to help people at the moment of losing a loved one.

We provide detailed consultations by phone or email – please feel free to contact us anytime. You will be given contact details for your personal adviser who will be available 24 hours a day and will be your point of contact throughout the entire process.

Please allow us to provide adequate estimates.


Here are some of the key elements we can manage for you as part of our services:

Professional service

  • The arranging and administration of the repatriation;
  • Communication with third parties, including HM Coroner, UK medical authorities, destination countries embassy;
  • Confirming details to you and the third parties;
  • Advice on registration and assistance with the completion of documentation and completing all the UK formalities.
  • Full time complete supervision throughout.
  • Embassy visit if necessary
  • Preparation of the relevant documents and permits that are required, translation service services for death certificates.
  • The farewell in viewing chapel (if needed, depends on location);

Collection of a body and care

  • 24 hour caring service, including collection from a domestic property or Hospital, Morgue service.
  • Embalming in accordance with airline regulations.
  • Dressing and care of the deceased (preparation for a funeral).

Preparation for the shipping

  • Supply of a simple zinc lined coffin for transportation purposes;
  • Wrapping of the coffin in a covering according airline regulations;
  • Labeling and transfer to a Airport;
  • Shipping by air to the any country in the world
  • Or fast delivery with dedicated van (to West & East Europe only).

Services at the destination country

  • A collection of the deceased from the destination airport.
  • The transfer to the local funeral director of the family choice.

We work with funeral directors worldwide enabling us to take care of repatriation anywhere in the World back to home country. We take care of the removal from the hospital abroad, all the relevant documents and permits that are required, supply of a simple coffin for transportation purposes only, embalming, embassy visit if necessary and transfer to the airport.

Please allow us to provide adequate estimates.